Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Advertise my Discord Server?

You can easily add your Discord Server to our website, Peaceful Promotion, for everyone to find your Discord Server through search engines, such as Google and Bing.


  1. Register on our website at,
  2. Navigate to our Add Listing page at,
  3. Submit your Listing on our website using the Listing Form.
  4. Join our Discord server at,
  5. Add your Discord Advertisement to the proper channel in our Discord Server.
  6. Win with more members!

Will this help my Discord Server grow?

Of course it will, All extra exposure is good exposure!
It really helps to have a great advertisement ad for your Discord Server.
Need help creating a better Advertisement?”
> Check out our Tips For creating a better Discord advertisement at

Can I add more than one Discord Server?

Definitely! You may add as many Discord servers as you have, just remember, no duplicate listings of the same server.

I need more help with my Discord Server!

Join our Discord Server, We will be happy to help you!