Tips for creating good ads

Creating a good advertisement is paramount to bringing in more people to your Discord Server. Here are some great ways and examples on how to create a good Discord Advertisement on Peaceful Promotion.

  • Be Descriptive. The more descriptive you are about your discord server, The more keywords you will have for search engines to find your listing.
  • Think about how you may search for something. Put some word structure in your description that would be the same as someone googling to find the topic that your server is about.
  • Use a good image representative of your Discord Server. Also, Include your Discord Servers logo.


Our Discord Server is about cupcake recipes!
We have all kinds of cupcake recipes available!
For Instance;
* Kid Friendly Cupcake Recipes
* Cupcakes for kids with allergies
* Cupcakes recipes with sprinkles
* Cupcake Decorations
* Homemade Cupcake Frosting
And many more Popular Cupcake Recipes and Unique Cupcake Recipes!
So, Why Wait? Join our Discord Server Today!

The Best Cupcake Recipe’s Discord Server.

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