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Posted 5 months ago by Wish ^.^

     ✯༄ Star Stable Bakery - discord server! ༄✯ ~ This server has been approved by Stacy Place, from the HQ in Sweden {...

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Posted 5 months ago by ellis burton

<a:arr:689454118057803776> __**?????'? ???????**__ <a:LEFT:582138203004338176> > **???? ?? ????? ???:** > ? ?????????> <a:RedRotator:676853393654022168> ???? ??????????> <a:1618_Rainbow_Diamond:693047420430319626> : ??? ????????> <a:BH_GamerMode:661753365339832330> ?????> <:blobbot:638444408030887937> ??? ????> ⭐...

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Music Discord

New Addition! 

Posted 5 days ago by Music Discord

Me and my friend have made a discord server all about Music! Below are some things we have.  'Bots'  'Roles' (including, member, contributor, editor, moderator,...

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Posted 4 months ago by Creeper Gamer

One of the smallest and newest servers in Discord! We got things that almost every server would have: ?A special channel for homework help❓Easy to...

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Posted 6 months ago by Chad Lomboski

I made a homestuck/hiveswap server!! We have: :taurus: friendly staff :pisces:chat w nice people! :aries:fun bots :libra:fanart :cancer:fanfics :gemini:the music :scorpius:the games :aquarius:pics :leo:roleplays :capricorn:the...

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Posted 5 months ago by Ian walsh

Welcome to Dweeb Team here is fun KID FRIENDLY server were we have Art, Games, and chat. We help anybody who has trouble with making...

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