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You may add ONE listing PER Discord Server.
Adding more than One Listing per Discord Server may cause all your listings to be removed and have you banned from our website.
You may add as many different Discord Servers as you want.
All Listings will Expire after 30 days and be removed unless you Renew it.
You will receive an email offering you to renew your listing. You may also log into this website to renew your listing.
If you do not renew the listing, It will be automatically removed.

Don’t forget to select a category for your server or it will become buried in “All Listings”

NO NSFW SERVERS. This will cause you to be banned.


  • Be Descriptive. The more descriptive you are about your discord server, The more keywords you will have for search engines to find your listing.
  • Think about how you may search for something. Put some word structure in your description that would be the same as someone googling to find the topic that your server is about.

See our Tips page for creating better Discord advertisements that work well with Search Engine Optimization
* Tips for Creating Better Discord Advertisements. *