Community Guidelines

Peaceful Promotion follows and agrees with Discord’s Community Guidelines, and Discord Terms of Service.
Please remember that some content is not allowed anywhere on the Discord network. 

You can report servers that are breaking Discord’s Community Guidelines directly to Discords Trust and Safety Team.

We also follow some slightly stricter rules as we feel that since Discord is for Age’s 13 and up, Then Discord should represent a Family Friendly Atmosphere in all areas and aspects.

We do not allow any NSFW servers to post in our listing service, whether in our Discord server, or on our website,

What is NSFW?

NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work.

NSFW includes content that contains;

  • NSFW language, Excessive Profanity
  • Nudity
  • Explicit images
  • Drug use
  • Sexual concepts and topics

We also view NSFW as,

  • “Imagine if you have a thirteen year old son or daughter, Would you want them seeing particular content?”
  • “Imagine if you were at work, and the CEO or your Boss walked by and saw your monitor, Would you want them seeing particular content?”
  • “Would you say this sort of thing around a 13 year? Your Boss at work? Your Bosses Boss?”

If the answer to the three questions above was “No”, Then it is very likely NSFW content.

How to report a server on Peaceful Promotion to Peaceful Promotion

There are two ways to report a server listed with us, to us, Directly on our website on the listing page, or through our Discord Server.

  1. Please join our Discord Server and “Open a Ticket” to report any servers that are on our website, or are listed in our Discord Server, that violate our Community Guidelines.
  2. Each individual listing on our website also has a report function available to report the server directly through our website to our Moderators and Administrators.