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EXECUTE GAMING is a good-vibed server. The idea behind it was to create servers that could suit all different playstyles that people have.

EXECUTE GAMING aims to offer all players a catered experience. From the sweatiest PVP player to the lone survivor that just wants to explore Namalsk and all of our custom locations, everyone can find a reason to be excited about logging back into our server.

If you are a daily grinder you will find your hard work pays off when you start to stack up high tier loot. If you are looking for a more casual play style, you will find that our loot economy is fairly easy to quickly gear up to a competitive level. If you are the type of player that just likes to explore and enjoy the map, we have greatly improved things like hunting and fishing to offer a means of income without conflict.

We feel you will find what you are looking for on Execute Gaming Namalsk


*Keycard rooms          *Helicopters

*Drugs                          *Airdrops

*King Of The Hill         *Custom Areas to explore and build in

*Loot +                         *Easy Spawn Points

*Cars                            *Traders

*Special Trader

*Events (Random and Sundays)

*Easy-Base for Solos/Duos (Safe-Haven)

*A good non-toxic environment with players from all around the world

*Very active staff open to all suggestions

*Good Admin and support system

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