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Welcome to BennixMC SUPER SMP, where players can enjoy a thrilling Minecraft experience without needing any mods! Our server is available on both BEDROCK and JAVA platforms, making it accessible to everyone on PC, Mobile, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. And the best part? There are no world resets!

Our customized terrain and structure generation ensures that each player’s journey is unique. You’ll have the opportunity to trade with our shops, participate in PVP battles with our overhauled system, and visit other players with our Playerwarps feature. Additionally, you can claim land to keep it safe, use mini blocks for decoration, and improve your skills to earn rewards. Silk touch mining for spawners and catching custom fish will keep your adventure exciting. Not to mention, you can brew drinks and get drunk!

We have more exciting updates coming soon, so join us now and be a part of our community! You can find us at on port 25565. Join our Discord server at to stay updated on news and connect with other players.

Join BennixMC SUPER SMP – the ultimate Minecraft experience with customized terrain, overhauled PVP, and more! No mods needed, play now!

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