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 A place for Everyone, especially __YouTubers and Content Creators__! In **__YouTube Family__** we got :point_down:
• :speech_balloon: **__Active__** and **__Friendly__** Community

• :musical_note: **__Voice__** and **__Streaming__** Channels with **__High Quality__**

• :milky_way: Lots of **__Level Roles__** and **__Self Roles__**

• :tada: *Constant* **__ Giveaways__**

• :package: **__Level 3__** Boosted and **__Perks__** for **__Nitro Boosters__** 

• :christmas_tree: **__Events__** with Special Prizes

• :money_with_wings: __**Self-promo**__ Channel

• :video_game: __**Game Events**__  

•   __**Absolutely NO NSFW**__


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