WorldShapers RP server

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Worldshapers is a generally unique roleplay server in which decrees are written and may be voted for by the community. These decrees can fundamentally change the course of the world and the storyline you may habe planned in it, so dont get mad at the decrees. The more members, the better, as that gives more diversity in our decree votes.

Sometimes things can derail horribly, an example: we passed a decree which made the light of the sun kill people and that was a horrible idea, so we voted to destroy the effects of that decree. After that, we added dragons. This is currently a sci-fi world, by the way.

Anyways, we are a relatively welcoming community and would be happy to have you as apart of our server

(Proficiency with tupperbox is always useful, but if you dont know how to use it we can help)

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