The Tranquil Escape

 Discord Hangout Servers / by Elisabeth McCabe / 770 views

Do you ever feel that you’re not enough sometimes? Ever feeling down? Do you just want to escape the chaos of life sometimes? Well, you can because this server holds a loving, SFW, and positive community. Small for now, but help us grow in size and spread the love! This server was made for people who need an escape from reality when reality becomes too rough to deal with. We have plenty to do and a variety of concepts such as:
➣ :ramen: Food channel

➣ :art: Art appreciation

➣ :rabbit: Animals

➣ :video_game: Gaming

We also have:
➼ a dedicated server owner who tries her best
➼A variety of entertainment channels and bot channels for when you’re bored or looking for a good laugh!
➼ A brand new growing community
and other amazing aspects to help someone relax, feel comfortable, and welcome! Join today!

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