The Helpless Server

 Discord Roleplay Servers / by nino najii / 728 views

Its always the same old story every day, the same 4 categories: the mutants, the supers, the half-breeds and then the helpless. Ran by a mixed chancellor for each of the 4, but that isn’t enough as someone is going behind their backs… But recently a force has disturbed the 4. Civilians from each category are being taken. Their bodies are mutilated and are covered in lightning-like scars, their faces are gone and they are dumped in lifeless piles all across the city. The council are still trying to find out who is doing this… but they’ve come to a dead end. Will you be able to savior to us? Or will you die trying? For now we remain helpless, please, save us… The 4 Categories
-> The Mutants: They have some sort of physical mutation, most are low key but there are extreme cases too.
-> The Supers: They are the ones everyone wants to be, they have some sort of power that can either be like amazingly unique or just irrelevant.
-> The Half-Breeds: They are people who have mixed traits of animals and humans, some of them could have an unnoticeable similarity too their animal whereas others can be more animal than human.
-> The Helpless: People whom do not have any mutations of sort, and are not half-breeds either. They are the closest things to humans.

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