Silver Streak Roleplay

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Welcome to Silver Streak roleplaying server, where true immersion is our top priority! Our Vmenu-based community is dedicated to providing serious and realistic roleplay experiences. As a new community, we offer a fresh start to make new friends and build relationships.

Our community is composed of various departments, including the San Andreas State Police, where integrity, dedication, and community outreach are emphasized. This department is an apply-only department, and our team is quick to review and respond to applications. Custom liveries for our vehicles have also been created to enhance the experience.

We also have the San Andreas Fire and Rescue department, where our focus is on protecting communities and keeping them safe. Like the State Police department, this is an apply-only department, and we respond to applications quickly.

If you’re interested in being a civilian, you can jump right in! We have hundreds of civilian cars for you to choose from, and our CAD system, Sonoran CAD, adds another layer of depth to the roleplaying experience. We are also planning to create a civilian rank system and different tiered cars for roleplaying scenes at a later date.
Joining us means having an active staff team, daily roleplaying, and a serious and immersive roleplay experience. We also host weekly community events and have a friendly and inclusive community. Come join us and experience a new level of roleplaying!

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