OPRP (Over Powered RolePlay)

 Discord Roleplay Servers / by Chris White / 377 views

Hello! OPRP is a American, and Patriot owned server, And we are very proud. We also support Lesbians, Gays,

Etc. But, if you are looking for a server to chillax or to, just Have a Good time to Roleplay and share your expressions and opinion’s on, scroll no more! As hopefully we can Make that happen, and if you dont like this channel, feel free to leave! We won’t stop you. Because we believe in our community and country, as well as respecting people’s opinions. We also have plenty of ranks to choose to try to get or test for! PLEASE JOIN, AND HELP US START A TOXIC-FREE COMMUNITY HERE! (We are a Very very very small community we just started yesterday By the way!)

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