Mulaworld RolePlay

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Hello everyone.
If you are looking for a good RP server that offers you lots of opportunities to meet wonderful ppl and good vibes, mula world is your type of sever‼️ everything is realistic from prices to clothing and the ability to work an actual job💯.

What we offer:
-High end vechicles through patreon
-Lots of food locations (Burgershot, Wingstop, Duckin’Donuts,
-Custom guns
-Custom Clothing
-Shopping Mall
-Lots of police departments(SWAT, FIB, LSPD, SASP, SHERIFF, and HIGHWAY PATROL).
-All custom interiors
-Houses through patreon
-Create your own Business
-Lots of drug selling locations
-Fun events (Car meets, Little battle royales,
And more.

Why should you Join?
We give the best RP out there. Due to our active staff we never have people breaking rules on our server. We provide many RP paths and great RP options. Lots of people stream in our server because they know that will get good content and RP. We offer a kind and well respected community with good vibes. We include the most realistic roleplay there is. We are giving you a chance to come in Mulaworld RP and meet new people and have a good time. So come join today

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