Lavish BETA

 Discord Roleplay Servers / by Tosin Tosina / 284 views

Hello❗️Lavish is a new server dropping It is a semi-serious server, a place that you can live in the meta verse and be whoever you want! We are making this a community based server catering to your guys wants and needs and making sure there are no biased situations or negative toxicity that you may run into in other servers! Not to mention we are getting nothing but the best of the best resources/scripts to ensure the user experience is amazing with many different activities to make sure you never get bored plus our clothing pack is the most unique pack you will ever see! Don’t believe me? Join the cord and look through our previews this won’t be your average fiveM server! [FRESH CITY] ALL JOBS ARE OPEN (PD) ( MEDIC) ( MECHANIC) (GANGS) (REALTOR)

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