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🌎 Step into the immersive world of Hood Legend RP Semi-Serious Server 🌏
🎉 We’re thrilled to invite you to join Hood Legends RP, an engaging and interactive FiveM Semi-Serious RP Server that offers an outstanding gaming experience! A message from the as a new server. We are eco friendly we are looking for people to join our community. Our priority job is to populate the city. Thank you ahead for joining our server! Can’t wait to see you in Hood Legends! 🎉
Hood Legends is a brand new Semi-Serious RP Server!
💵There are plenty of ways to make money with a realistic economy whether its clean or dirty.
• 🚔 PD & EMS: Serve and protect the community as a dedicated member of our law enforcement or emergency services.
•💅🏽Ladies can sell bundles & nails.
•🍃Player owned drugs & 2 city drugs open to everyone.
•👷‍♂️Choose from a range of professions that suit your interests and skills.
🎁What else are we offering?
•🫶🏽Safe And Non-Toxic Community, Semi-Serious And Realistic RP, Female & Male Friendly!
•✨Fair Staff & Higher Ups
• 🏘️ Never Been Seen Scripts/MLO’s
•🖥️ Great FPS
• 📌Custom Gangs Blocks
• 🏖️ Recreational activities to do with more to come!
• 🚗 Custom imported cars
• 💻Custom drugs, Custom phone, Working tvs.
• And More!

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