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Denali Roleplay (USA Central Time )

New Player Fly In bonuses

*Solo Players: $200,000

*Police/EMS/DOJ: $150,000 and a house in Mirror Park

*Gangs (4+ Members) 100K per member a Gang Territory, Taphouse, Warehouse, Gang Crafting, Gang Only Drugs


Denali RP is a great community and fun server to be a part of. Things are constantly changing and spicing things up in the city. There is an active Admin Team and Dev Team. Some things to know about the server is:

– Whitelisted Economy Server

– Framework: Expanded QBCore

Police Department, Emergency Medical Services, and Department of Justice Positions are open.

Civilian Life Jobs and Activities are available in the city.

Examples: Bank Security Job, Trucking Delivery Job, Weed Shop w/ Delivery and more

A wide variety of Criminal Life Heists and Jobs available to complete.

Examples: FIB Heist; Humane Labs Heist; Bank Robberies, Store Robberies, House Robberies, Car Boosting, QBits Hacking and more

Player Owned Business Opportunities:

Owned Business: Benny’s Motor works; Vanilla Unicorn; uWu Cat Cafe; Pop’s Diner; Airfield Ammunation; Auto Exotics; 519 Customs (Tuner Shop)

Gang Wars and RP

519 Crew; One True Family; Old Dirty Bastards Motorcycle Club; and more incoming

We have Custom Car Builds meaning we have Import Cars.

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