Cyberpunk 2088

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Cyberpunk in The Year 2088
The roleplay takes place 11 years after the game’s timeline, the tech is much more advanced. Arasaka is no longer the kings and rulers of Night City, after V has decided to follow up on the path of Johnny Silver-hand they managed to pull down Arasaka and made them Equal to Millitech, superior over none. The NCPD has also improved greatly, the streets of Night city are safer. That doesn’t mean heists and bombs have stopped going off in ‘Saka and Millitech towers but, they have lowered down in rates quite a bit. Saburo Arasaka is also still the emperor, he had indeed died, killed by his son Yorinobu of course but. Saburo is still Emperor, at-least his AI is. There really isn’t much to say but, it’s an open world. You can do almost about ANYTHING in this world.

If you have any more questions be sure to direct them to me! @Devahkiin#5757
The RP uses Unbelievaboat for items and daily income, and gaining money!
You can get creative as you wish, there are about 50 items you can buy from the shop and they all have pros and cons.

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