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A Dark Fantasy RP Server taking place in the destroyed kingdom of Kailin, 40 years have passed since a dead God possessed the body of a Sorcerer and killed all the heroes who tried to protect it, the world is nothing more than a barren wasteland, monsters, bandits and more have claimed this region with all the villages uninhabited and destroyed, survivors are few and communities are non existent

The RP was inspired a lot by the game Darkest Dungeon and a lot of inspiration has come from that, ranging from the very grim and mature tone to the psychological aspect of surviving as well as the gothic and lovecraftian vibe the game had, the RP also has a lot of my old Fantasy RP Server plans recycled into this one, such as the region it’s set in, the lore and backstory of certain locations and specific plotlines which have affected the locations in the server, creating a lived in world that’s fun to RP in

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