Blackheart Bay

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The wind shifts, carrying the smell of ash over the horizon. A burning forest. From the sea, it’s easy to tell that this wasn’t a natural fire. This is a fire of war.

Welcome, to Blackheart Bay! A fantasy pirate RP server all about piracy, ocean warfare, and a struggle for dominance. The time for war has come. The time for the struggle for Cormir. Will you join the pirates of the Seventeen Fleets, to ensure profit and freedom for your fellows? Or maybe the colonies, and attempt to bring order to Cormir. You could side with the elves, fighting for the freedom of your people, or even the mysterious Legion of Night, where many of its members don’t know its goals.

What we offer:

-A story roadmap to make sure the server doesn’t die!

-A comprehensive magic and combat system!

-Many different character and factional options so no two characters feel the same!

-An attentive and dedicated creator!

-A fair and balanced RP, so no one faction gains a ridiculous upper hand!

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