Awaken Roleplay

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Welcome to Awaken Roleplay City, the perfect server for those seeking an immersive and diverse roleplay experience. Our server was established on May 1st 2022, with the sole purpose of providing our players with an unparalleled roleplay experience.

At Awaken City, we strive towards achieving balance between the economy and the time invested into the grind, to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to enjoy the gameplay. Our development team is constantly working to improve and evolve the server to ensure that our players have access to the latest features and updates.

If you are looking for an intense gang lifestyle, then our Red zone in the south side is the place for you. Here, gang on gang interaction is on sight if there is prior beef. You can spin the block and get it back in blood! For those who prefer a more peaceful roleplay, we have our White zones, where actions such as robbery and killing require more reasoning behind them. Here, you can ride a bicycle down the street safely or walk your dog, without having to worry about any gang violence.

At Awaken City, we believe that balance between both worlds is essential to ensure that everyone gets the roleplay they desire. We want to make sure that our players are not feeling forced into a particular roleplay style.

We hope that you enjoy your stay in our city and we cannot wait to see the roleplay that you provide. Join us today to experience the ultimate roleplay adventure!

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