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I’m here to tell y’all about Artsy’s Corner ! 


I wanted to make a safe space and fun community that is based around gaming, so I’m inviting all of you to join our community and the best part is you don’t have to be a gamer, streamer or content creator, as long as you have some base knowledge, you’ll be fine!

(but it’s a great place to promote your stuff if you are any of those things I named). 

It’s a small server right now, but it’s super chill and everyone is welcome and accepted. 


In the corner you get : 

➝ community channels to show off your pets, food, selfies, outfits, (within appropriate measure ofc)

➝ Self promotion of your social media (twitch, Twitter, insta, tiktok, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, website, reddit, Dlive, all of it!)

➝ sponsorships, collaborations, partnerships for everyone to join in on!

➝ Server advertising of all types

➝ movie nights

➝ game nights 

➝ Server wide tournaments and “breakout” groups for people choose their team/group to fame with 

➝ studying, tutoring, and all types of language exchange rooms 

➝ showing off your set-ups, consoles, clips/highlights, add-ons, Ect.

➝ 50+ roles to choose from

➝ SO many voice channels!

➝ vent/rant/mental health and social justice awareness

➝ art, makeup, fashion, 

➝provide services 

➝ Music (share yours/recommendations/bots) 

➝ writing channels 

➝ Kdrama/Kpop channels

➝ Anime channels 

➝ Entertaining bots for counting, duels, Pokémon, DND, stocks and other stuff like that.


I hope you join and enjoy your time, it’s a very welcoming and supportive place to be. I’m hoping if we do this right We will all meet a good bit of people here and make some cool friends! 

Join the discord server and hop in a stream! 

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