Among the Fields

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In 1893, Eric Lewry discovered a book that would change his life. He built a town around it to hide this deadly secret, hiding it deep within the city so no one would ever be able to use it ever again. Enter Belle Haven, a city so unique in its ways that only the visitors are human. What will you discover?

Belle Haven is a small town in the Heartland of Florida. Enter a smaller city, population 4,300, and enjoy rural supernatural life!

Ever wanted to meet a cowboy vampire? Well, now you can!

❃Friendly, experienced staff!
❃Plural Kit (we see you, System RPers!)
❃A complex and original lore and plot!
❃6 species to play as, with more being added to the list!
❃Creative story and characters!
❃Huge server with so many places and ways to play!

Come, join us here and discover the secrets of Belle Haven!

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