{Altered Reality} Game & Chill

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__**AR Game & Chill**__
> Made by gamers, for gamers just like you!
> Non-toxic community

**Join Our Reality!**
**?Chill Zone?**
> Fun, interactive chats for all members.
> **Contests and Giveaways!** / **NITRO GIVEAWAYS**
> Groovy Bot to listen to **music** by yourself or with friends!
> Now watch movies with us in Movie Night!
> #NowFeaturing a Roleplay/Cosplay Area!!! Come join us to help start it up!

?️**Game Center**
> An area for all members to play games, share content, and seek other players to play with!
> **Game-specific Chats** and Voice Channels.
> We also have Game updates and patch-notes!
> (Ask to add new ones for games you like to play!)
> **All NEW 16+ (Private) Modded Bedrock SMP Community/Economy Based Minecraft Server!!!**
> All players must go through a short interview to be whitelisted. Check it out in our #links channel.

? **Boredom Zone**
> Fun bot games to play with while you are here.
> Play with others or by yourself!
> We have Poketwo, Mudea, Dank Memer, and much more! Come play with us!

> Partnerships
> Self-Promotion
> Bot Promotion for Twitch and Youtube

**Come join our Altered Reality**?

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