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hi welcome to (if you join LOL) rainbow army<3

{ its a new server so it’s not very active but later on we will add more roles and mods/admins- which you might have the chance of joining if you apply- we will add movie karaoke talent shows or any other activities where everyone can just chill in VC and make friends }

-new friends

-promo channel-gaming channels, etc

-hella bots that tbh i don’t how to use.. dank memes..mafia.. music bots etc

-safe space to vent and get help..

-friendly staff -which you can join and get a main role (admin/mod + other roles)

-some members are mcyt fans

what we ask:

-no hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia

-no doxxing

-no pinging @/everyone

mostly common sense…

when we start getting more members we can start doing stuff like nitro give-aways and things to make the server more fun! 

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