Reverse Gaming

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Reverse Gaming

Reverse Gaming is an international gaming community owned by Aussied & DeadWeight.

We offer many things such as quality game servers for games such as Minecraft, Call of Duty and Rust however that is not all, below you will see what we want to bring to the table for you, unfortunately Reverse Gaming is still taking shape as it’s still in development, nonetheless I think you will still like it here so feel free to join and see the community progress!


Here’s what our Discord Guild has and will have to offer.

  • Economy System that allows you to use other discord guild features listed below.
  • Game give-aways (Triple A titles included.)
  • Role progression (Balanced Role Progression)
  • Suggestions (They’re always welcome!)
  • Family friendly (Our main channels are family friendly!)


Here’s what we aim to provide as a whole;

  • We want to bring people together in a fun way without drama or toxicity.
  • We aim to provide a place where any type of gamer can join and feel at home, we are nothing without YOU.


Thank you for reading, please check us out, we really don’t bite! 🙂

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